May 18, 2024

Aiden Pleterski Abducted and Molested by Defrauded Canadian Investors

Aiden Pleterski Abducted and Molested by Defrauded Canadian Investors

Aiden Pleterski Abducted and Molested by Defrauded Canadian Investors

Four Canadian investors have been apprehended for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting a prominent cryptocurrency investor known as the ‘crypto king,’ Aiden Pleterski. The 24-year-old was accused of indulging in a lavish lifestyle with the investors’ funds, splurging on extravagant yachts and luxury living. However, his promises of generating impressive weekly profits for his backers came crashing down as he filed for bankruptcy for his investment firm, AP Private Equity Limited, reportedly losing millions of dollars of their hard-earned money.

In a distressing video made in captivity, Pleterski publicly apologizes to his investors, bearing visible signs of mistreatment.

“I’m aware that some lives have been shattered because of my actions,” the ‘crypto king’ conveys in the footage. “I vow to live modestly until every penny is returned.” He continues, “I’m deeply sorry. My intentions were never to cause ruin. This humiliation and shame weigh heavily on me.”

Pleterski admits to initially investing in cryptocurrencies in 2020, gradually taking money from friends and family before involving external investors. Unfortunately, the crypto market‘s downfall in November 2021 brought significant losses of a staggering million in a single month. Not bad for a self-proclaimed ‘crypto king’.

The charges reveal that Pleterski collected a substantial sum of 41.5 million Canadian dollars, supposedly for cryptocurrency investments. Only a meager 2 percent (!) was invested, while the rest was squandered on luxurious cars, opulent vacations, and extravagant private jets. His adventures were frequently displayed on social media.

Kidnapping Aiden Pleterski dates from December

Fed up with his actions, the investors pressed charges against Pleterski, leading to a litany of accusations by the Toronto police, including kidnapping for ransom, severe assault, unlawful confinement, extortion, firearm use, and conspiracy. The suspects involved hail from Toronto and Ontario.

The kidnapping incident occurred in December, where Pleterski claimed to have suffered torture. After two to three days of captivity, the kidnappers released him, during which he made a plea for a 3 million dollar ransom to his landlord.

Reports suggest that the kidnappers didn’t stop with Pleterski alone; they also targeted an attorney appointed as a curator, investigating the circumstances of the bankruptcy. The attorney allegedly received threats demanding 2 million dollars in cryptocurrencies.

Pleterski’s lawyer maintains that while parts of the video are accurate, the ‘crypto king’ was compelled to make those statements under duress.

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