April 12, 2024

Why is crypto down now? Let’s explain

Why is crypto down now? Let's explain

Why is crypto down now? Let's explain

The cryptocurrency market has been thrust into a state of upheaval, witnessing a significant correction that led to the liquidation of $740 million worth of positions. This market-wide shockwave, particularly felt by Bitcoin and Ethereum, again shows that trading in crypto is a very volatility and risky endeavour.

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, experienced a severe price correction, breaking through critical support levels and culminating in a $27.75 million liquidation event. As a result of the precariousness of overleveraging in bullish conditions, many investors found themselves unprepared for the sudden drop in prices.

The liquidation heatmap below highlights the intensity of the market correction, with Bitcoin and Ethereum at the forefront of the turmoil. The rapid sell-off was further exacerbated by automatic sell orders, deepening the impact of the initial downturn and unsettling the market’s previously bullish sentiment.

Bitcoin’s Technical Perspective

Following a period of sustained growth, Bitcoin’s abrupt descent through its 50-day moving average support level at around $63,000 has signaled a shift to a bearish market outlook. As BTC approaches its next pivotal support at the $59,000 mark, aligning with its 100-day moving average, the cryptocurrency market is at a crossroads. This level’s durability is critical in averting further declines and setting the stage for a potential recovery. However, a failure to maintain this support could herald additional losses.

The precipitous market correction can be attributed to several factors, including profit-taking after extensive gains and an adjustment period following excessive market exuberance. The use of high leverage by some traders in the futures market has also played a significant role, magnifying the effects of price changes and triggering a cascade of liquidations.

Looking Ahead

As the cryptocurrency market navigates through this turbulent period, the resilience of key support levels will be closely watched. The current correction will remind many trader of the need for cautious and informed investment strategies. Whether this downturn is a temporary setback or a harbinger of more pronounced shifts in market dynamics remains to be seen.