May 20, 2024

Student’s Selfie NFT Collection Goes Up 876% in 24H Volume

Ghozali Ghozalu, a 22-year-old student from Indonesia, has achieved viral success with his non-fungible token (NFT) collection called “Ghozali Everyday.” The collection consists of 933 selfies taken by Ghozali from the ages of 18 to 22, showcasing his daily life in front of the computer.

Initially selling each item for ETH 0.001 (USD 3.37), the floor price of the NFTs has significantly appreciated since then, reaching ETH 0.25 (USD 843). The collection has gained popularity, with 448 owners and a trading volume of nearly ETH 270, equivalent to almost USD 910,158. In the past 24 hours alone, the collection has experienced a 876.87% increase in value, ranking it at number 36 on OpenSea’s top NFTs list by volume.

The collection gained meme status after receiving promotion from NFT collectors and celebrities. Indonesian sneaker and streetwear entrepreneur Je Jouw was among the first to endorse the NFT collection. Subsequently, Indonesian celebrity chef and Masterchef Indonesia judge Arnold Poernomo took to Twitter to announce his support, stating that he had purchased the NFTs to help Ghozali Ghozalu earn extra income. Poernomo even created a Discord server dedicated to the series.

The NFT market has started the new year with strong momentum. Major NFT marketplace OpenSea processed over USD 1.36 billion in volume within the first ten days of 2022. On January 9, the marketplace experienced its best day of the year, processing over USD 261 million in volume.

Ghozali Ghozalu’s NFT collection exemplifies the growing popularity and demand for digital collectibles. As NFTs continue to captivate the attention of collectors and enthusiasts, creators like Ghozalu are finding innovative ways to monetize their digital assets and gain recognition in the evolving world of blockchain-based art.